barbara’s sequence 1
2011 Feb 27, 4:48 pm
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2010 Dec 23, 4:44 pm
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finally we met YeS family
2010 Nov 7, 1:55 pm
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Benvinda em Bruxelas, Ana!!
2010 Nov 6, 9:30 pm
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Agora podes comer muitas gaufres, aproveita! (mais não exageres)

English speaking Africa
2010 Nov 4, 5:56 pm
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How are you? Wo ho te sεn? (pron. Woho te-sain)
Often shortened to εte sεn? (how is it?)
I’m fine. Me ho ye. (shortened to εyε)
Thank you Meda ase (pron. Meh-daa-se)
Please Mepa wo kyεw (pron. Meh-paw-chow)

Yes Aane (often shortened to a word that sounds like ‘eye’)

No Daabi

OK Yoo (pron. elongate the ‘o’ sound)

farewell Amsterdam
2010 Oct 18, 9:42 pm
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2010 Sep 14, 9:44 pm
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